Iman Shumpert Talks About LeBron James' Superpower: "It's Actually Kinda Scary."

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As someone who has dominated the NBA for almost two decades now, there is no question that LeBron James is not your ordinary ball-player. As a scorer, defender, leader, and playmaker, James wears many hats for his team and he's good at all of them.

But his greatest strength may be his deep, almost otherworldly understanding of the game. As his ex-teammate Iman Shumpert pointed out on "The LeBron Factory," it's James' intense knowledge of the game that helps each member of the team stay on the same page.

"It might be his biggest superpower: his ability to get everybody on the same page. Like, it's actually kind of scary.

He can explain this game forward and back. It's unbelievable. You talkin' about somebody who know the playbook, know where everybody supposed to be, know the other team's coach's playbook, style of coaching, how his ballclub's gonna play.

...everything he's saying, you just watch it happen."

Whether it was in Miami, Cleveland, or now in Los Angeles, LeBron James has always made a huge impact on his ball clubs, and his teams are always ready to face whatever challenges come their way.

On the verge of making his ninth Finals appearance in 10 years, LeBron's track record of success only further proves his mastery of the game of basketball.

This year, though, he's hoping it will be enough to bring a title back to L.A. for the first time in 10 years.