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Immanuel Quickley Is Fed Up Of People Mistaking Him For Tyrese Maxey And Bones Hyland: "If Someone Else Call Me Tyrese Maxey Or Bones Hyland I'm Shaving My Hair Bald."


Life can be somewhat rough in the public space when you get to the NBA. Almost everyone in the area your team represents seems to know who you are, and they might not always leave you alone when you want them to. For Immanuel Quickley, however, the problem not only seems to be that folks keep approaching him, but they also seem to be mistaking him for Tyrese Maxey from the Sixers or Bones Hyland from the Nuggets.

It seems to be quite a common phenomenon recently as well, as Quickley took to Twitter to express his frustration on the matter and stated he'd go bald if this keeps up.

Quickley isn't a household name quite yet, so, understandably, people seem to confuse him with Maxey or Hyland, two guys who have made waves in the NBA in their short careers. Quickley has still been a solid role player for the New York Knicks in his 2 years in the league, averaging over 11 points per game both times, and the former Kentucky man should keep getting better as time goes on.

He has some more competition in the backcourt. However, after the Knicks signed Jalen Brunson to a 4-year deal worth over $100 million, it remains to be seen how much that affects Quickley's role on the team. He'll be looking to help in whatever way he can to get the Knicks back to the postseason after they stumbled to a 37-win season in 2021-22 to follow up their surprise playoff berth the year prior to it. If that doesn't happen, then changes might be on the cards, and Quickley has previously been rumored to be part of potential trade packages for Donovan Mitchell, who has long been a target for the Knicks. All he needs to do to prevent that is to take that next step in 2022-23 and show the Knicks that he is someone worth keeping.