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In 2011 LeBron James Tried To Recruit Steve Nash And Jamal Crawford For The Miami Heat

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James has always shown his admiration for other players' games. That's not a secret for anybody. However, there was a time when Bron took things to the next level, trying to recruit big players to team up and have a stronger case for the NBA title.

Back in 2011, James was part of the Miami Heat. He had lost his second NBA Finals (first one with the Heat) and apparently was studying ways to get some of the best players to play with him in South Beach. It wasn't enough with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, as Bron tweeted he'd 'love' to see Jamal Crawford wearing a Heat uniform.

bron recruit 1

Moreover, he did the same with one of the best point guards in the history of the game, 2x MVP Steve Nash. He took things further and said he'd love to play with Nash so they could get their first NBA ring. That was wild.

bron recruit 2

Now things aren't that easier if you want to express your opinion on other players. Imagine if LeBron makes those tweets right now, he would be fined for violating the NBA's tampering rules.

Via NBA media services:

The NBA’s anti-tampering rule prohibits teams from interfering with other teams’ contractual relationships with NBA players, including by publicly expressing interest in a player who is currently under contract with another team or informing the agent of another team’s player of interest by one’s own team in that player.

Last season, after having one of the craziest free agencies in history, the league passed stricter rules against tampering. In the case a team gets caught doing something irregular, they could be fine with $10 million.

Good thing Bron didn't send those messages now. Besides of being fined, he would be getting roasted by his haters.