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In 2016, One Fan Incredibly Predicted James Harden Would Join The Sixers

In 2016, One Fan Incredibly Predicted James Harden Would Join The Sixers

James Harden was finally dealt to Philadelphia in a blockbuster trade that included Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond joining the Brooklyn Nets, while Paul Millsap joined Harden in Philly. 

The Beard is keen to win an NBA championship and teaming up with Joel Embiid seemed like the best option for him following a failed stint with the Brooklyn Nets. Everybody in Philly is excited to have Harden in town, including strip clubs, in a move that took a couple of weeks to be completed, but somebody envisioned many years ago. 

In the aftermath of this deal, many people had something to say about it. Many fun facts came out after this move was announced and some people remembered that others had predicted Harden going to Philadelphia. 

Overtime recently shared a 2016 tweet from somebody presumably joking about James Harden landing in Philadelphia. Back in June 2016, this Twitter user wrote he couldn't believe Harden had arrived in the City of Brotherly Love, shocking a lot of people on social media. 

"Can't believe James harden went to the 76ers," this person tweeted in July 2016. 

This is an incredible coincidence, given that absolutely nobody even thought that James Harden would leave the Houston Rockets in 2016. It did happen last year, when he forced his way out of the Texan city, arriving in Brooklyn to team up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. 

Nobody thought he could do the same for the second consecutive season and he did it, joining another contender in the Sixers. Almost six years after that 'prediction,' it came to fruition, with the 2018 NBA MVP joining a strong candidate to take the award home at the end of this season. The Sixers look incredibly dangerous right now, but we need to wait and see if this fit actually works out.