In 2017, Duncan Robinson Was Trying To Join The Media Because He Didn't Think He'd Make It As A Basketball Player

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By far, the biggest surprise of the 2020 postseason has been the play of Miami. After finishing 5th in the Conference, many had doubts about whether they'd make it out of the first round.

Yet, three rounds later, it is them will represent the East in the NBA Finals this year.

Obviously, the chemistry and passion from the unit as a whole has been a huge reason behind their Cinderella run, but the individual play from many of the starters has been huge as well.

Duncan Robinson, in particular, has been an interesting story.

Back in 2017, as a senior in Michigan, Robinson had seemingly given up on his NBA career and was trying to get his foot in the door to broadcasting. He had reached out to Mark Titus (who was working with The Ringer at the time) with the hopes of forging a connection to someone in the business.

Robinson went undrafted that summer and nobody thought anything of it until Miami picked him up in 2018.

And, two years later, here he is as a starter getting major minutes in the NBA playoffs. His scoring has been crucial in the Heat getting this far and they'll need it to continue if they want to beat the Lakers.

But the fact that this kid has come such a long way really says a lot about him, this Miami team, and the fact that anything is possible in the NBA.