In A Strange Of Circumstances The Hornets Enter Overtime Against The Thunder Trailing 95-94

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(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

We love overtime games. We just love free basketball, and unless our team is playing, we're always rooting for those extra five minutes.

However, there's an undisputed condition for games to go to overtime: the game must be tied. It's not that hard to get, this must be the simpler rule in all sports.

Nonetheless, the NBA is where amazing happens, so nothing is never as simple as you could think, not even the overtime rule, as we could tell by the matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Charlotte Hornets.

Hornets and Thunder were tied at the end of 4 quarters, but Charlotte entered the overtime trailing by one point. So, how does that happen? wouldn't the Thunder be entitled to the win after, you know, leading in the score?

Thing is, the refs handed Terry Rozier a technical foul at the end of regulation, so the Thunder, naturally, were entitled to a technical free throw, which they converted.

So, why didn't they wrap it up and call it a day at 95-94? because the technical foul was assessed AFTER the end of regulation, as Terry Rozier threw the ball in relief after getting a stop while the clock ran out.

Hence, there wasn't time left in the clock to shoot the free throw, so the technical foul was assessed to the overtime and the Hornets entered overtime trailing. You just can't make this thing up.

At the end of the game, PJ Washington ended up missing a couple of clutch free throws and the Thunder got the 104-102 win in one of the most bizarre circumstances we've seen in the league.