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In The 2017 Playoffs, Paul George Told The Media He's The Only One Who Needs To Take The Last Shot

(via Hoops Habit)

(via Hoops Habit)

Nobody on earth doubts Paul George's talent and impact. He's one of the top-tier two-way players in the league and a guy who could constantly be among the leading candidates for both Defensive Player of the Year and Most Valuable Player.

He's also infamous for his well-documented meltdowns in the playoffs. I mean, it happens. Guys get hurt, the pressure gets to them, he wouldn't be the first or last to struggle in the postseason.

Then again, NBA fans have gone at him because of his careless attitude and lack of self-criticism. He's constantly making up excuses or taking shots at other people and the truth is that he hasn't get past the 1st round in years and some of that is on him.

George is shooting 25% from the floor vs. the Mavericks. Ironically, he was mad at CJ Miles in 2017 for taking the last shot in a playoff game, claiming he should be the one taking those shots.

"I talked to CJ about it. In situations like that, I gotta get the last shot. I was asking for it. CJ took it upon himself. I'm confident in all my guys taking shots -- that's not the issue. But in that situation, I've gotta get that," George said.

Ok, no one can deny the fact that George is a bonafide superstar but he's also been on the wrong end of countless game-winning shots and has bricked some when he's had the chance to pull up.

He's allowed to fail. He's allowed to have one bad game, even a bad series. It happens. But hey, if you're infamous for those kinds of struggles, take it with some kind of humility. Prove the doubters wrong without making up excuses, let your game speak for itself. You're a superstar, we get it, now prove it.