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Incredible Stat Shows Just How Important Kobe Bryant Was To The Lakers

Kobe Bryant Explains What The Lakers Should Do To Get Anthony Davis

LeBron James is on a mission this upcoming season to take the Los Angeles Lakers back to not just the NBA playoffs but the NBA Finals with a new-look roster that includes former Pelicans star, Anthony Davis. Even if he does manage to lead the franchise to a championship, LeBron is still a long way behind other Laker legends such as Kobe Bryant.

Without a doubt, Kobe is one of the most beloved and greatest Lakers of all time as a five-time champion and a two times Finals MVP. Whether many realize it or not, the difference that the Lakers Hall of Famer made on the court was incredible.

The 2005-06 season is a great example of just how much the Lakers needed Bryant in the side. During the season without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers had an offensive rating of 92.4 which is equivalent to the third worse offense in NBA history.

With Bryant on-court, the rating was at 111.3 and had the third-best offensive rating in the league. While he was off the court, the Lakers rating was dead last in the league and had a massive 18.9 lower difference. For a comparison to show just how big of a difference this is, one of the next closest to Kobe in 2006 is LeBron James in the 2009-10 season where there was a 15.3 offensive difference.

The two teams that have a lower offensive rating than 92.4 are the 1976-77 Knicks and the 2002-03 Nuggets who won just 17 matches over the season and was led by Nene, Juwan Howard and James Posey.