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Isaiah Thomas Calls Out LeBron James’ Friend For Pretending To Praise Him: “Stop With The Fake Love Killa. We Don’t Get Down Like That At All.”

Isaiah Thomas

During his stint with the Boston Celtics, Isaiah Thomas broke into stardom and established himself as an elite point guard in the league, albeit for a short period of time. However, Thomas' days with the Celtics were the highlight of his career.

Since then, the 2x All-Star has played for 7 different franchises, with the most recent one being the Charlotte Hornets. In his debut with the Hornets, Thomas scored 10 points while playing 14 minutes.

As of now, the Hornets have only handed a 10-day contract to the 33-year-old but if he performs well, he can probably get a permanent deal. Anyway, when it was revealed that IT had signed with the Hornets, a lot of fans congratulated him.

Among them was LeBron James' friend Cuffs The Legend. Cuffs congratulated IT by writing on Twitter:

"One of the hardest WORKERS in NBA history. Loves the game and never gave up. Great example for all young hoopers! Nothing but respect."

But the tweet by Cuffs is now deleted. The reason? Well, it seems like Thomas didn't like Cuff pretending to praise him as he replied:

"Stop with the fake love killa. We don’t get down like that at all."

Considering Thomas is an old-head, he didn't want any of Cuffs' alleged fake love. While some might have a hard time believing that, knowing IT he must have had his reasons. Anyway, if you are wondering what the conversation on Twitter looked like before Cuffs deleted it, you can find it below.

Even if there was no bad blood between Cuff and IT, their relationship is definitely broken beyond repair after this tweet by Thomas. Will Cuffs post a befitting reply to the same? Well, we cannot say that for sure. The only person that can confirm it is Cuffs himself.