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Isaiah Thomas: “Cleveland Was A S—thole.”


Isaiah Thomas recently spoke up about the Cleveland Cavaliers... though his comments shouldn't have been news to anybody.

Here is the quote (via Instagram live):

“Cleveland was a s—thole,” Thomas said. “I see why Bron left. Again.”

Yikes... Thomas clearly doesn't have the best impression of Cleveland, and it's understandable.

Last season, the Cavs were an absolute mess. After trading away almost literally half of their roster in February, Isaiah Thomas was traded from a team that he hardly knew. And, to make matters worse, they weren't very good at basketball, either.

To Thomas' (and Cavs') credit, he did apologize for those statements shortly thereafter:

“I apologize for my choice of words about Cleveland. I was on my live playing around. They don’t show you everything for a reason smh. Right after that I clarified what I said.... All love to everybody who had love for me in Cleveland,”

Even with the apology, it's hard to just ignore his original comments. His hatred for the Cavaliers seems clear.

Now, of course, LBJ is long-gone and Thomas finds himself in Denver. Luckily for them, they don't have to deal with the dumpster fire in Cleveland.

Though, it's not an experience their likely to forget.