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Isaiah Thomas Is Seriously Done Talking About His Trade


It's no secret that the relationship between the Boston Celtics and Isaiah Thomas fell down the drain follwing his trade to Cleveland.

Thomas was hurt that the Celtics gave him up, especially after he had grown such a connection to the city. The story had become an interesting one to follow and quickly got rushed to the attention of the media. But after his interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols went viral, things spiraled a little too far from the comfort zone for I.T.

In the interview, he publicly bashed the Celtics' medical staff, to which he received some major criticism, with a lot of people claiming it was time for him to just let it go, and some even saying he has treated the whole situation very poorly from the start. Nevertheless, Isaiah had responses to those critics.

In the first of a three-part response, Thomas pointed out that he's not the one keeping the topic alive.

Next, the former Boston superstar shares some positive thoughts on his former city, reassuring his fans that the love is still there.

Finally, Isaiah concludes by stating he is no longer caught up in all the drama from that trade.

As interesting as this I.T./Celtics trade story was, maybe it's time for all of us to move past the whole thing. He definitely has...