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Isaiah Thomas Reacts To Donald Trump's Election Day Press Conference

(via The Denver Post)

(via The Denver Post)

The 2020 election has been extremely chaotic as the country awaits the announcement of the next President.

In what has been a chaotic night, NBA point guard Isaiah Thomas chimed in on the conversation, hilariously comparing Trump to someone who loses at open gym and takes his ball with him.

The comments are making a reference to Trump's actions during this election process, which includes accusing several states of voter fraud, falsely claiming victory in key swing states, and filing multiple lawsuits to limit the vote counts in key states.

Obviously, this is an enormously tense time for all Americans, as many feel the Democratic process are being threatened by the other side. False claims are being thrown out constantly online and even by the President himself.

Memes and jokes are being used all over the internet to lighten the mood, and Thomas is just joining in on the fun.

Unfortunately, the wait may last several more hours or even days as states continue to count up votes. When the results do finally come in, many in the NBA community are likely to respond -- whether in celebration or frustration.