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Isaiah Thomas Reveals What Angered Him The Most About The Lakers Trade


Being traded from a franchise, regardless of your relationship with said team, is always a harrowing experience. Unlike free agency, at any moment a player could be traded and would be tasked with picking up their entire life to move halfway across the country.

Things that us fans don't think about during trades, such as having to buy a new house in a new city, leaving friends from your former team and having to make new friendships with your new teammates are all things that players who have been traded need to deal with.

When it comes to the newest Los Angeles Lakers recruit, Isaiah Thomas, things are harder than most.

After being traded from the Celtics -- a team who's fans adored him -- IT landed in Cleveland, where he proceeded to only play in 15 games for the team before being traded again to the Lakers -- the fifth team of his six-year career.

Thomas was asked his feelings about the trade, and there was one major issue the point guard had with being traded to LA: he won't be able to face the Celtics for the rest of the season.

"What made me frustrated the most was not being able to play against the Celtics. I had a personal goal to prove something and to ball out in the Garden. Now I’ve realized that God has a plan for everything and it’s not good to hold grudges. I’ve learned to let go and I’ll focus all my energy to making the Lakers a better team."

Obviously, being the player he is, Thomas is trying to get over the fact he won't be facing his former former team this season, especially considering IT hasn't gone up against Boston at all since being traded, but like Isaiah said, the 5'9 guard is completely focused on making the Lakers a better team, and hey, he always has next season to face off against the C's, regardless of what team he lands on after free agency.