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Isaiah Thomas Says He's Expecting A Ring If The Cavs Win The Finals


If the Cleveland Cavaliers somehow manage beat the Golden State Warriors and win the NBA Finals this year, Lakers point guard Isaiah Thomas is expecting to receive a championship ring, even though he hasn't played for the Cavs for over 5 months.

Thomas was brought in during the offseason, involved in the trade that sent All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving to Boston. Many thought that IT would prove to play an important piece in the Cavs' quest for a second franchise title, but as it turned out, Thomas was quite the opposite, only managing to play 15 games for Cleveland due to a hip injury before being traded again to the Los Angeles Lakers for Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson.

But during a livestream, the 5'9 point guard stated that if the Cavaliers win it all, he wants his ring sent to him in the mail.

“If the Cavs win, send me my s***”

Per the NBA rules, even if a player was on the roster of the team that wins the NBA championship for less than a day, they're entitled to a championship ring. Current Cavalier Jose Calderon was the most recent example of this, as he was signed to a contract with the Warriors last season for a few hours before being cut to make roster space for another player, and as the Warriors won the title last season, Calderon was owed a ring.

The thing is though, if the Cavaliers do win the title this year, despite all odds, they're going to be paying a fortune in rings, as Cleveland would owe a whopping 22 players some championship bling.