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Isaiah Thomas Says LeBron Will Not Be Eating Orlando Food

(via Instagram/Troy Daniels)

(via Instagram/Troy Daniels)

The NBA is doing their best to continue the 2019-20 NBA season. After implementing a plan and setting it into motion, yesterday was the first night in which players stayed in their Orlando hotels.

Of course, players revealed what life in the "bubble" was like and there were mixed reactions from the community.

Concerning the meals, multiple players expressed disappointment at the lack of variety and serving size of their dishes, including Isaiah Thomas, who insisted LeBron James would not settle for such a lackluster dinner.

For professional athletes, one has to imagine they need more protein and sustenance than what we're seeing from the meals in the Orlando "bubble." considering the circumstances, the NBA is probably doing their best and the lack of enthusiasm about the meals may just be a consequence of continuing the season. For players with the finances and means, they will no doubt look for alternative options -- LeBron is probably no exception. A guy like him, who can afford to do pretty much whatever he wants is probably hooking himself and his whole team up with separate, five-star dishes. If only we could get a preview into what that might look like, but James and the Lakers have been eerily quiet since the restart plans began. The good news is, players shouldn't expect those types of dishes for too much longer. The NBA says players’ meals will change after the first 36 hours of their arrival. Chefs will allegedly be available around the clock after those initial 36 hours. Of course, some have their doubts...