Isaiah Thomas Says Stephen Curry Is The Best Point Guard Of All Time: Magic Johnson Is 2nd, Isiah Thomas 3rd, Chris Paul 4th, Kyrie Irving 5th

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Isaiah Thomas Says Stephen Curry Is The Best Point Guard Of All Time Magic Is 2nd, Isiah 3rd, CP3 4th, Kyrie 5th

It's crazy to think that Stephen Curry was never a highly-coveted asset around the basketball world. He wasn't a highly-touted recruit or a team big college programs could die for and was overlooked in the NBA Draft as well.

Steph had to grind, work hard, and silence his critics before getting the praise and recognition he deserved. Even the Golden State Warriors had some doubts about his durability due to his early struggles with ankle injuries.

Fast-forward to today and not only he's considered the greatest shooter of all time but also one of the most influential players in basketball history.

If you don't take our word for it, just ask former All-Star Isaiah Thomas, who recently called Steph the greatest point guard of all time:

"I’m gonna go with Stephen Curry… changed the game of basketball on every level on the whole world," Thomas said on NBA on TNT.

Thomas said that Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas were second and third in his list, while Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving got the last two spots in the top five. Truth be told, you couldn't go wrong with such a list.

Steph Curry is the true definition of the modern point guard. He's not a pass-first kind of player - even though he could be - and not a lockdown backcourt defender either, yet the game revolves around him like no other player in basketball history.

Curry forces his rivals to play defense for 90+ feet. He's as good off the ball as he is with the rock on his hands, and he draws just too much attention from the defense.

Some may not like the way basketball is played nowadays and they blame Steph for it. But the fact that a man single-handedly changed this sport speaks volumes about his greatness.