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Isaiah Thomas: "Y’all Be Tweeting Me Mad At Me Like I Was Tryna Hurt Jordan LOL"

Isaiah Thomas

Michael Jordan's The Last Dance has brought back to life some of the most entertaining, yet forgotten stories in NBA history, like his hardnosed rivalry with the Detroit Pistons and their Bad Boys.

Those guys were determined to hurt every one trying to score on them but things got really personal when it came to stop Jordan. As a matter of fact, they even developed the infamous 'Jordan Rules' to prevent him from scoring. Needless to say, those rules were a euphemism for 'beating the living soul out of him once he drove through the lane'.

So, with several young fans taking their first glimpse of the good-old physical NBA, it seems like they're not much of a fan of their style. Moreover, after Isiah Thomas took several shots at Jordan and his Bulls, they took on to Twitter to give him a piece of his mind. The only problem is, they got the wrong Thomas.

That's why Isaiah Thomas politely asked the Twitter community to stop insulting him, as he wasn't 'Zeke', the Hall of Famer; but just IT, the former Boston Celtics point guard:

"Y’all be tweeting me mad at me like I was tryna hurt Jordan lol," Thomas tweeted

The rivalry between Thomas and Jordan is well documented and they still hate each other's guts up to this day. Jordan even deemed him an a**hole during his interview for The Last Dance, and Thomas has been back-and-forth with his jabs at him over the GOAT debate since the documentary premiered.

It's clear that those guys just don't like each other and never will. It's just the way things were done back in the day, and some may argue that the Pistons were Jordan's biggest motivation, so they'd be slightly responsible for making him the greatest player of all time. As for Thomas, please double-check the next time you go at someone on the internet.