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Ish Smith Says That Bradley Beal Is The Easiest Scorer He Has Seen

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

In every era of basketball, there are players who make scoring the ball look easy. While everyone knows how many hours go into developing that shot creation ability, some players make it look effortless. Bradley Beal is one of the people that is considered a natural scorer. Beal is able to score well on high efficiency, and that has made him a multiple-time All-Star, who is the face of his own franchise.

Bradley Beal is certainly one of the best scorers in the league, and his skills have led him to average 31.1 PPG this season, a career-high. Bradley Beal is the focus of the opposing team's defensive game plan every night, but sometimes, there is no way to stop someone as good as him. Recently, his teammate Ish Smith has stated the Bradley Beal is the easiest scorer he has ever seen.

Ish Smith is certainly offering Bradley Beal some high praise, but it is well deserved. Smith has a good frame of reference for good scoring: he has been around the league as a role player for a long time and knows what a true scorer looks like. If Bradley Beal were on a winning roster, then he'd be viewed as a superstar. Despite the increased defensive attention as the top scorer on his team, Bradley Beal has elevated his game this season and is showing the world what he can do. The Wizards have recently won 4 games in a row: perhaps the tide is changing on their season.