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Isiah Thomas Claps Back At Fan Saying He's Still Salty At Michael Jordan: “Scottie Pippen Was The Bulls’ Best Defender, Facts Over Fiction, No Salt.”

Scottie Pippen Refused To Make Amends With Isiah Thomas After The Last Dance Aired: "It’s Not Like We’re Crossing Each Other’s Paths Anymore."

Isiah Thomas doesn't back down when people call him out. The Detroit Pistons legend has been making headlines in the last week, talking about his position as an NBA all-time great, while discussing the impact and greatness of other players, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but especially LeBron James and Michael Jordan. 

In recent hours, he claimed that LeBron James was the most dominant player he had seen in his life and that The King would become the undisputed GOAT if he surpasses Kareem on the all-time scoring list. This raised many eyebrows around the league, and some fans went after Thomas, calling him 'salty' for hating on Jordan after so many years. 

Florent Groberg took to Twitter to criticize Thomas, claiming that he was still hurt by MJ and couldn't give an honest opinion on this matter. 

You can tell that Isiah Thomas is still salty at MJ. Almost a good point, but no Isiah I take a guy that is 6 for 6 in the finals, a guy that was the best defender and scorer on multiple occasions 10/10. Just because the dude hates you, doesn’t take away from reality. #comeonman

However, when he said MJ was a 10/10 defender, Zeke fired back, naming Scottie Pippen the best defender on those Chicago Bulls, saying he was just telling facts and there was no salt in him. 

Opinion is the distance you travel between naive and knowledge @FlorentGroberg #scottiepipin was the #bulls best defender #facts over #fiction no salt.

Isiah and his Detroit Pistons had many legendary duels with MJ. Yes, they dominated the GOAT in the 80s, but once he could overcome them, in 1991, there was no stopping for His Airness. Florent wasn't the only person who believed that Thomas' opinion could be influenced by his prior duels with Jordan, so these accusations won't stop coming. Well, the 2x NBA champion is ready to fire back, no matter who's shooting.