Isiah Thomas Compares Himself To Chris Paul

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Charles Barkley: 'Isiah Thomas Is The Greatest Pure Point Guard In NBA History'

Even if he never wins an NBA Championship, no one can deny that Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards of all time. He's a pass-first guy, a floor general, a coach on the floor, and a backcourt stopper.

Chris Paul checks out all the boxes of the perfect point guard. He can even score from all three levels if needed, albeit he'd always rather run the offense and help his teammates get to their spots.

His savviness as a scorer and feel for playing defense has made a lot of people compare him to Isiah Thomas in the past. Now, Zeke himself admitted that they're two pretty similar players:

“I see a lot of my game [in Chris Paul] but I also see where I probably was a little bit bolder on the offensive side,” Thomas said in a recent interview with the Rex Chapman Show, as quoted by Essentially Sports. “In terms of like that knockout moment that you need where it’s like okay, I can pass it right now, but I’m going to make that 2 or 3 shot that’s gonna really break your heart, that’s gonna hurt your heart.”

Perhaps the most palpable difference between Paul and Thomas is the fact that Isiah seemed to take a step forward when it mattered the most, whereas Paul has been infamous around the league for blowing multiple 2-0 leads in the playoffs.

And, while you can't point the finger and blame CP3 for all the times his teams have fallen short of the goal, you can't help to notice a pattern right there.

Even so, it seems like you couldn't go wrong either way. Whether you like Isiah Thomas or Chris Paul the most, you're talking about two of the best point guards to ever lace them up.