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Isiah Thomas Doesn’t Think Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant Should Play Together

Isiah Thomas Doesn’t Think Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant Should Play Together

The upcoming NBA offseason is expected to be a very entertaining one, with some of the best names in basketball trying to find a new team to showcase all the best of their talents. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are two players who will try their shot in free agency, and some people have even dared to speculate they might play together next season.

As interesting as this sounds, some people don’t think they would be a good fit if they played together, but the opposite, stating things would be hard when the clutch time arrived. NBA and Detroit Pistons’ legend Isiah Thomas doesn’t believe a duo between Irving and Durant would work the best way.

Thomas joined ESPN’s “Get Up!” on Tuesday to talk about this matter, breaking down why he doesn’t believe Irving pairing up with Durant will be a smart move.

“I don’t see these two being a good fit because they have the same skill set,” Thomas said. “I mean, Kyrie and Kevin Durant — they’re both ball-dominant. What makes Kevin Durant so effective in Golden State is that Klay (Thompson) plays off the ball and Steph (Curry) plays off the ball. The two-point guards for Golden State is Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. Those are the main ball handlers. When you look at Kyrie Irving, he’s a ball-dominant guard. He wants to handle the basketball. The thing that made him not like Cleveland as much is that LeBron James was ball-dominant also and Kyrie said he wanted his own team. Now you put Kyrie and Durant together, which one of them is going to be the ball-dominant person and which one is going to play off the ball?

“Magic Johnson and I were great friends, but we played the same position. Kyrie and Durant, they’re good friends, but as basketball players — Magic Johnson and I would not have been compatible, just like I don’t think Kevin and Kyrie are compatible. …Who’s going to have the ball out front? That’s gonna be problematic.”

Although Irving and Durant had a very good friendship, things are different on the court. If they focus on just winning instead of who gets the most balls or who has the chance to score the winning basket in certain games, any team that can assemble a team with these two playing together will be very lucky.

We know what both these players have done in their current teams, sharing responsibilities with their teammates, so imagine what they could achieve if they replicate that in a new team and have the chance to share touches with a player just as dominant as they are.