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Isiah Thomas Threw Bounce Pass Alley-Oops In The Middle Of Games

Isiah Thomas

Pistons star Isiah Thomas is rarely mentioned in the same breath as guys like John Stockton, Magic Johnson, and even Steve Nash.

And while the 6'1" guard out of Indiana was not nearly as flashy or as talented as some of those other guys, there is no questioning that he ranks among the best in one particular area of the game: passing.

As the NBA's All-Time 9th leading passer, he has tallied over 9,000 assists, which includes many amazing impressive dimes that are impressive even by today's standards. One of his signature plays was the bounce pass alley-oop, which is just pure eye candy for fans.

In a recent Instagram post, NBA Buzz posted some highlights of IT doing his thing, which earned quite a bit of attention from the fans.

As a 2x Champion, 12x All-Star, and 5x All-NBA player, I.T. is certainly worthy of being ranked right up there with some of the All-Time greats.

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On paper, Thomas has accomplished more than most players can hope for. But if you put his career in some more context, things only get more impressive.

One of the most impressive facts about the former PG is that he beat three of the greatest players in basketball history.

Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird all succumbed against Thomas. What makes everything bigger is the fact that Thomas beat them during their prime. He had big battles with Bird’s Celtics to make it to the Finals and the same happened with Magic’s Lakers when he won the NBA title.

As the leader of the "Bad Boy" Pistons, Isiah was a talent that dominated the league during a time when guys like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were considered the kings of basketball.

Today, he isn't spoken as often as some of his competitors are, but it's clear that people have not totally forgotten all that he brought to the game.