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"It's Over": The Curse Of Trae Young And The Atlanta Hawks

(via Instagram/Dunk)

(via Instagram/Dunk)

After getting off to a 3-3 start, excitement for the Atlanta Hawks was growing fast in the first few months of the season. Quickly, though, things got out of hand as the team went on a 10 game losing streak in the last two weeks of November.

Right as the team appeared to be at rock bottom, things only went further downhill. A strange and unexplainable turning point seemed to be during a December 10th game against the Heat. As Trae and the Hawks led a major comeback in the fourth quarter, Young passed to a teammate who then scored to give them a six-point lead towards the end of the game. An excited Young is seen shouting "it's over!" as he jogged back to the other end of the floor.

As their luck would have it, Miami would end up winning that game, and Trae was blasted on social media for his premature celebration. To make matters worse, the team hasn't won a game since, going 0-4 and being outscored by a whopping 69 points. Folks are dubbing it the "Trae Young curse."

In actuality, their latest abysmal stretch is a result of their own poor play (and lack of talent) more so than it is a result of some "curse."

While Trae and the Hawks clearly have a long way to go in terms of competing, hopefully, they can break out of this terrible slump and start building a winning culture for the franchise.