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Ivica Zubac Takes A Shot At The Lakers

Ivicas Zubac

In case you needed any more evidence of the Lakers’ struggles, Ivica Zubac spoke out about his former team recently, and it reveals the kind of atmosphere that’s in that Laker locker room.

Here’s what he said to Mirjam Swanson:

"That's how we gotta be. When I was with the Lakers, we didn't have nights like this. Every game was a close game for us, but now with the Clippers, this team is really locked in, every possession against every team.”

It sounds like he’s trashing what many are calling a “toxic” Laker locker room. It’s no secret that things have been tense in L.A. since the Anthony Davis trade rumors and even before then. From the beginning, something has just been off with this team.

Zubac, who was traded from Laker Nation to the Clippers at the deadline, is able to spot the difference in the two teams despite being only a couple of games apart in the standings.

The future looks bleak for LeBron and his Laker team. In a broken, dysfunctional situation, their playoff hopes are quickly dwindling with every loss. They will have to pull a miracle to get where they want to be at this point.

These comments by the former Laker Ivica Zubac is yet more evidence if just how far they have fallen.