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J.J. Redick Reveals What Went Wrong With The Clippers


The L.A. Clippers have always been a rather meager franchise.

With the beginning of the "Big 3" era, their long-standing reputation of being mediocre was supposed to vanish. Instead, that fitting identity followed the team until their eventual breakup last summer.

J.J. Redick was a part of those times and recently looked back to those years in an attempt to explain why exactly that talented team never made it far in the postseason (via Barstool's Pardon My Take Podcast).

According to him, "passive aggressiveness bulls---" was to blame. He said that the team was fine off the court and that no personal problems had risen. The issue was on the court when things weren't working, nobody spoke up, nobody played hard-ball to make the team better.

While it sounds strange to think that not being aggressive enough teammates would cause such an issue, it makes a lot of sense. Somebody has got to hold people accountable.

The Clippers didn't have that, and they never truly molded to form because of it.