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J.J. Redick Reveals Why The "Lob City" Clippers Failed To Win The NBA Title

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

The L.A. Clippers are doing well enough now, but you ever wonder why they've had such an unsuccessful past? During the "Big 3" era in particular, why is it that the Clippers never advanced to an NBA Finals?

In a chat with CBS Sports, former Clipper J.J. Redick gave his take as to why.

“We’ve all just been like ‘man we really f—– that up,'” Redick said, as quoted by CBS Sports. “We had a chance to win and there were these small little cracks and fractures and we didn’t repair and address them the way we should’ve. I look back and think, ‘how did that team not win one championship?’ We did not do a great job of not being annoyed by each other.”

Redick is pointing towards a certain disconnect between the stars. Apparently, Blake, CP, and the rest of the roster let their differences get in the way of a Championship. We saw their tension reach its boiling point during their breakup a few years ago.

Now, with each star having gone their separate ways, they will look to capture that elusive title on their new teams. Still, the rest of us can't helo but wonder what could've been if these guys had just kept their cool.