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J.J. Redick: “There’s More Guys Concerned With Getting A Pregame Fit On Instagram Than They Are Worrying About The Win Or Loss Of A Basketball Game.”



As a 13-year NBA veteran, J.J. Redick knows how to manage his priorities. Despite having seen 5 different teams over the course of his career, Redick has always managed to stay consistent in both play and success, helping each of his teams to the playoffs.

This type of drive, this type of hunger for a win is what (in Redick's opinion) holds a lot of players back today. In a conversation about why some players never learn how to become better shooters, Redick gave his honest diagnosis on his podcast with Hasan Minaj and Malcolm Gladwell.

“There’s more guys concerned with getting a pregame fit on Instagram than they are worrying about the win or loss of a basketball game.”

It's a reality all too real in today's game. Players that once showed a lot of promise never realized their true potential -- in part because of their unwillingness to commit to the game.

In this case, while Redick does not offer any specific examples, could he be referring to Ben Simmons? Besides the rumors of Simmons' antics behind the scenes and his focus on various other aspects of life, he has yet to find his groove from beyond the arc.

In fact, there has been little improvement from him at all in that regard. Maybe Redick is telling us what's really going on with his former teammate.