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J.R. Smith Goes Off At Fan After Being Blamed For 2018 Finals Loss


For some reason, a whole lot of bad news has come J.R. Smith's way recently, and Smith isn't in a good mood because of it.

First, Smith received news from the NBA offices that he'd be required to cover up his Supreme logo tattoo he got on his right calf during the offseason, as it violates NBA advertising rules. Smith obviously wasn't happy with that decision, and it only got worse from there, as a fan on Twitter brought up J.R.'s major blunder during the end of Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, blaming him for the Cavaliers losing the entire series.

Technically, Smith's error didn't even cost the Cavs Game 1 let alone the series, as Cleveland still had overtime to try and put the Warriors away, but failed. Still, the comments obviously got to Smith, and J.R. felt he needed to respond to keep the haters in check.

The Golden State Warriors were far and away the better team compared to the Cavs, and everyone was expecting a sweep in the first place, so it was a wonder the Cavs came so close in Game 1 to begin with. None of the blame should be shifted onto Smith's shoulders.