J.R. Smith On Free Agency: 'How Many Teams Lack Shooting And Perimeter Defense'

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(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

2015 Sixth Man of the Year and 2016 NBA Champion J.R. Smith has yet to take the court this season after being put on the shelf by Cleveland.

His last season (2018-19) was riddled with disputes about his role and playing time with the team after LeBron James’ departure. Several unsuccessful attempts to trade the veteran shooter have led to a stalemate of sorts, and he was bought out by the team in July of that year.

He has remained a free-agent ever since and has generated very little interest so far.

As a nudge, and a sort-of reminder about his availability, the 34-year-old guard sent out a tweet to let the world know he was still out there -- and what he could do on the court.

J.R.'s biggest blunder came in the NBA Finals when he infamously mismanaged the final seconds of the game. Things have never been the same for him since, and his reputation has yet to recover.

But, with this season being one of parity, a number of teams have a realistic shot to win the title, and J.R. could help them in that pursuit. Expect teams to consider him ahead of the mid-season stretch.