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J.R. Smith On The Hot Seat After Showing Support For Kyrie Irving: "Extremely Proud Of You Bro!"

J.R. Smith On The Hot Seat After Showing Support For Kyrie Irving: "Extremely Proud Of You Bro!"

The two biggest names in the NBA right now are Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving -- and it's for all the wrong reasons.

Regarding the latter, specifically, he has left the Nets, and all his teammates, hanging in light of his refusal to take the vaccine, apparently motivated by his desire to protest the loss of jobs over protocols rather than anything he has aginst the shot itself.

No matter your feelings on the vaccine and the mandates in place (which are especially strict in New York City), it leaves the Brooklyn Nets in a bad place, as they not only have to come to terms with their star being unplayable but must also juggle the distraction this story will bring all year long.

There have been a few voices who have gone against the crowd, though, in support of Irving and his controversial stance. One of his former teammates, J.R. Smith, made himself one of them after sending the following Tweet on Thursday:

Despite J.R. having faded from the NBA spotlight (he retired in 2020), fans were disappointed with his position and made sure to let him know about it in the comments.

The important thing to note here is that neither Kyrie nor JR said they were anti-vaxx, so there's no reason to think they don't support the science behind the shot.

In reality, it seems like both of them are pro-choice, meaning they don't want the government, or anyone/anything else, dictating what they do with their body.

Whatever the case, Kyrie's stance doesn't just impact him, it also has dire consequences for the Nets, who are having to deal with the fallout from not having their star player for an entire season.

At this point, only time will tell how this saga will end, but it's clear that not everyone disagrees with Uncle Drew's actions.