J.R. Smith Says Sam Dekker Is The Only Teammate He Has Disliked: ‘Talking Some Trump S--t.’

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(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Speaking on the "All Things Covered" podcast, Lakers veteran J.R. Smith revealed why Sam Dekker is the only teammate he disliked.

"Throughout my whole career, it’s only one teammate I really don’t like. And he know that. And everybody else, I’m just cool with.

This dude Sam Dekker, dog. I can’t – this dude. He did some bulls— on the bus one day, talking some Trump s—, and I just wasn’t having it.

For what the question he asked, it’s a thought pattern. You’re taught that. It’s not like – it’s the hate you give. And I feel like it’s something you’re taught. It’s not – the privilege he has was taught to him, and he took heed of it and run with it even further than somebody who was not – who was oblivious to what they have and what the life they lived. Because some people just go through their life – not not necessarily knowing, but not aware and privy to somebody else’s circumstances. He’s a person who’s just very aware of somebody else’s circumstances and want to keep them there, as opposed to try to help him elevate up. And I don’t respect anything about that."

It sounds like Smith had a problem with many of Dekker's political views. He also differentiates him from some who are "uninformed" or "ignorant," implying that the young big man truly knew the circumstances of the political and cultural landscape, but was still unwilling to change his loyalties.

Trump's views and policies have not been widely accepted by the NBA community. In fact, Dekker is in the small minority of players who support the President. It's no surprise J.R. has a problem with him, and he's probably not the only one.

In these highly divisive times, being on the other side of the political divide can have drastic consequences.