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J.R. Smith Will Not Face Charges After Beating Up Looter In Los Angeles

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

There's a fine line between peacefully protesting and aggressively rioting/looting your own community. One protester found this out the hard way after he was caught vandalizing the car of NBA star J.R. Smith.

Smith wasn't nice about it and proceeded to pound on the guy whom he witnessed trying to wreck his ride.

Fortunately for J.R., he is unlikely to face criminal charges for his actions.

(via TMZ Sports)

Law enforcement sources tell us … the victim has not gone to police — no report has been filed — and, at this point, we’re told it seems highly unlikely that will happen.

Our sources tell us without a victim coming forward, there’s no way for prosecutors to even attempt to levy charges against the 34-year-old.

So, without a victim stepping forward, little can be done in the way of criminal charges. Of course, Smith is having to fight critics and angry fans online for beating up a BLM rioter, but some are quick to say the guy deserved it for vandalizing J.R.'s stuff.

Whatever your opinion on the subject, Smith probably doesn't care. He's out to protect himself, his family, and his property. And, really, who can blame him for that?