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Ja Morant Praised Golden State Warriors After Big Win vs. Nuggets: “GS Got Shooters Everywhere”

Ja Morant Praised Golden State Warriors After Big Win vs. Nuggets: “GS Got Shooters Everywhere”

The Golden State Warriors had no mercy against the Denver Nuggets on Monday night, absolutely dominating Nikola Jokic and co., who were helpless against the Dubs' incredible power at offense. 

Stephen Curry led the squad with 34 points, driving defenders crazy, making tough shots, finding teammates, and making life easier for everybody around him wearing a Warriors jersey. They put up a clinic against the Nuggets, who didn't have an answer for the special treatment they received from the Dubs. 

Even the Dubs' potential rivals praised them, as Ja Morant was in awe of the team's performance last night. The Memphis Grizzlies superstar, who takes the court tonight, got to Twitter to show his admiration for the Warriors' shooters. 

"GS got shooters everywhere 😂😂😂🔥," Ja tweeted on Monday night. 

Golden State really did a terrific job against the potential back-to-back NBA MVP Jokic and his teammates. They were too much to bear for the Nuggets, who even had an altercation on the sidelines after a timeout

It was anything but an easy night for the Nuggets. They need to do better to return from the 2-0 deficit they currently are in. 

Ja can face Curry and co. in the next round, and even though some fans criticized him for watching a team that would probably clash with him in the next round, he was just enjoying the game and watching what he could see if the Grizzlies get past the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the postseason. 

Right now, the Warriors look very strong, and the Grizzlies need to show a different face after losing Game 1 of their series against the T-Wolves. A Curry-Morant duel would be awesome to watch, but we need to wait and see how the rest of their respective series develop.