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Ja Morant Said 'You Know' 78 Times During Post Game Interview After Grizzlies Beat Warriors


Ja Morant was on a tear in the play-in tournament, giving good games against the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors. The Memphis Grizzlies clinched the 8th seed in the Western Conference after Morant took over and completed the job, which he couldn't last season. 

He was keen to take his team to the postseason and finally achieved it. The sophomore dropped 35 in front of Stephen Curry and co., getting a huge win. Now he'll face Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert in the first round of the postseason. 

After the game was over, NBA fans realized he wasn't as fluid in his interview with reporters. One Redditor called "HatingPigeons" made an edit showing how many times Morant said 'you know' during his post-game interview. 

Ja Morant says "you know" 78 times during the post-game interview. He talks for 3min52sec overall, making it one "you know" per 2.97 seconds.

That is a lot of you know. NBA players often say this plenty of time while they talk with reporters. Luka Doncic has been trolled for this, but he's a foreign player, and it's understandable. 

Well, this doesn't take anything away from Ja, but it's still curious to watch it. Memphis fans are hopeful he'll find more ways to express himself on the court against the Utah Jazz. 

Memphis isn't considered a threat to Utah, and that could play in their favor. They are a young team with nothing to lose and a lot to win.