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Ja Morant Savagely Responds To Colin Cowherd's Criticism Of His Style Of Play: "What's His Last Name?"

Ja Morant Savagely Responds To Colin Cowherd's Criticism Of His Style Of Play: "What's His Last Name?"

Ja Morant is the talk of the town in the NBA at the moment. The Grizzlies star is absolutely on fire, he's playing well enough to be compared to the best players in the league and has legends like Shaquille O'Neal professing their belief in how good he is at what he does. However, with all the praise that any athlete gets, there are also bound to be those that criticize. 

In Morant's case, that someone is Colin Cowherd, the analyst gave a warning to fans and the league about the Ja hype while discussing it on his show. Ja's elite athleticism and ability to make explosive plays are a large part of his game and according to Cowherd, that means it's likely that Morant's success isn't sustainable.

 "Fans and the media have fallen for this five times in the last twelve years," Cowherd said on his show Tuesday. "It’s called John Wall, it’s called Russell Westbrook, it’s called Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose was every bit Ja Morant. He literally took over social media, he took over cable TV. I am very skeptical about the long-term championship odds for springy, athletic guards that drive and score."

Morant had seen this take and initially responded on his Twitter, by simply saying Cowherd's first name. 

He elaborated on the situation further, taking some time to make fun of Cowherd's last name before explaining that he doesn't think too much about the criticism. 

"What's his last name again?" Morant said. "I’ve seen some of his past takes. I’m not even putting my energy toward that. I’m protecting my energy, man. When I said, ‘Oh Colin,’ I meant ‘Oh Colin, here you go again.’ I just didn’t see the point of it, honestly.”

While players will rarely respond to the various talking heads that are often speaking about their performances and how promising they are, Morant isn't one to back down from anyone, especially considering that he's still a youngster. Plus, considering that Wall and Rose both suffered from serious injuries that cut their primes short, it's easy to see why this particular take might have gotten under Ja's skin a little.