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Ja Morant Says He Wants To Posterize LeBron James With A Dunk: “I Need That Moment.”

Ja Morant Says He Wants To Posterize LeBron James With A Dunk: “I Need That Moment.”

Few people would argue with the statement that Ja Morant is the best dunker in the NBA today. The Memphis Grizzlies star has only been in the league for 3 years but has put some of the league's best players on a poster during that time. But there is one player that Morant wants to put on a poster; the King himself.

Ja Morant was asked about which current player he wants to dunk on. Morant noted that he wants to posterize LeBron James. He noted that James means a lot to this league, and was an inspiration to him, but wants to get the better of him. But Ja also noted that he wanted it to be a proper poster, as people can try to discredit your effort if they don't think it was.

“LeBron. I mean, everybody knows what LeBron means to this league and where he’s at being one of the best to ever touch a basketball. That’s my guy. But yeah, definitely. That moment, I need. But I need it to be chest to chest. Not him on the side or anything, because you don’t get a lot of credit for that. I need it to be him jumping and me jumping right in front.”

Morant clearly has a lot of respect for LeBron James but isn't afraid to get physical against him. He has spoken about potentially dunking on LeBron in the past, joking that he would probably receive a technical if he were to do it on LeBron James. Ja has really put a lot of thought into the possibility of dunking on LeBron James.

Morant also recently spoke about being in the NBA Dunk Contest. Morant has previously stated he didn't want to do it, as the players don't really benefit from it. But he joked recently that he would take part in it if he would get 1 billion likes on social media. Morant knows his talent for dunking and has put a price on it.