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Ja Morant Takes Responsibility For Grizzlies Loss To 76ers: "If There's Anybody You Want To Be Mad At, It Can Be Me. I Had 9 Turnovers. Missed Some Big Free Throws. Didn't Make A 3."

Ja Morant

Ja Morant has earned his first All-Star appearance this year, and there's no question that he has been the driving force for the young Memphis Grizzlies this year. He is currently averaging 26.1 PPG, 6.0 RPG, and 6.8 APG, and there's no question that he has ascended to being a top-tier point guard.

During the recent Memphis Grizzlies-Philadelphia 76ers game, Ja Morant dropped 37 points, but the Memphis Grizzlies ended up losing in overtime. Ziaire Williams ended up missing a crucial shot for the Memphis Grizzlies, but Ja Morant took responsibility for the loss, pointing to the fact that he had 9 turnovers and missed crucial free throws.

Him (Ziaire Williams) open. His man came to help. Right play. I wouldn't change it. Happens again, I'll make the same pass. I passed it because I believe in him, and know he's capable of making that shot. That play comes again, I'll pass it again.

There’s nothing to hang our heads about or for people to be mad about because (Ziaire) missed a shot. If there’s anybody you want to be mad at, it can be me. I had 9 turnovers. Missed big free throws. Didn’t make a 3. If you pick anybody to be mad at, pick me.

There's no question that Ja Morant taking responsibility for the loss despite a solid individual performance shows great leadership on his part. Hopefully, the Memphis Grizzlies can bounce back from this loss. There's no question that the Grizzlies have shown resolve in the face of adversity before.

The Memphis Grizzlies may not be the favorite for the 2021-22 NBA championship, but there are definitely people who believe that they are a "legitimate threat" in the Western Conference. With Ja Morant, they will have a chance against any opponent, and they're a physical and athletic team that can give anyone a run for their money.