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Jae Crowder Gets Flamed On Twitter After Throwing Ugly Late-Game Turnover In Suns' Loss

Jae Crowder Gets Flamed On Twitter After Throwing Ugly Late-Game Turnover In Suns' Loss

The Phoenix Suns have been the best team in the NBA for most of this season. Unfortunately, they suffered their second-straight loss tonight after failing to execute down the stretch. 

Specifically, it was one single play from Jae Crowder that secured the loss for Phoenix.

Chris Paul did not suit up for the Suns against Utah, but they were obviously missing his playmaking and leadership in the closing minutes of the loss.

Unsurprisingly, fans were quick to jump on Jae Crowded for his ugly (and costly) turnover as his name went viral on Twitter.

That moment, and the game as a whole, was a blemish in what has otherwise been a spectacular season.

They are first in the West, have the best record in the entire NBA, and lead the league in almost every category. They have talent from top to bottom and experience playing at the highest level.

As it stands, they might be the favorites to win the Championship.

The Suns have Mikal Bridges to hound Curry, taking away the gravity he uses to free up his teammates for easy looks. Thompson is a problem in the backcourt, but Devin Booker has been an excellent defender this season, and the Suns can put Chris Paul, a pitbull of a player, on Klay as well. Crowder has no problem sticking on Wiggins, and Deandre Ayton is more than capable of hounding Green, Looney, or Wiseman.

Out East, we’ve seen the Suns smash apart the Bucks’ defense. The 76ers landed James Harden, but nobody in the league defends The Beard better than Bridges, and the combination of Ayton, McGee, and Biyombo is more than capable of slowing down Joel Embiid. The Nets now have Ben Simmons, but he hasn’t played in close to a year. KD always seems to be injured, and Irving is a part-time player who might actually hurt Brooklyn’s overall chemistry with his in-the-lineup and out-of-the-lineup 2021-22 theatrics. The Heat rest in first place, trailed closely by the Bulls, but neither team has the size to contend with the Suns’ combination of centers and wings.

The combination of Chris Paul and Devin Booker in the backcourt, with Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, and Cameron Johnson filling out the wing position, and Deandre Ayton, JaVale McGee, and Bismack Biyombo protecting the lane make the Phoenix Suns the most dangerous team in the league. A group capable of scoring at will and defending any 5-man lineup an opposing squad can throw at them.

The only question mark for the Suns is Chris Paul. His value to the team is undeniable, but his health and durability have always been iffy, at best.

If he's healthy and at 100% for the playoffs, Phoenix is going to be almost impossible to beat. They've got it all. But without their star veteran, who is so important to making those late-game decisions, it leaves them vulnerable to stiff competition all around.