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Jalen Brunson Drops Truth Bomb On Playing For Knicks Coach Tom Thibodeau: "Thibs Is Thibs. I Think I’ve Learned How To Carry The Message Out Of Everything."

NBA Insider Shares Update On League Office Investigating The New York Knicks For Tampering To Sign Jalen Brunson: "At Least One Member Of The Knicks’ Organization Had Their Cell Phone Confiscated"

After a breakout season in Dallas, young star Jalen Brunson is hoping to help change the culture for the New York Knicks.

While we have no idea what to expect from the Knicks this season, Brunson seems optimistic about his debut season in the Garden and spoke very highly of head coach Tom Thibodeau in an appearance on the "Good Word with Goodwill" podcast.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to block him out,” Brunson said. “Obviously Thibs is Thibs. I think I’ve learned how to carry the message out of everything. When someone is getting on you or someone’s trying to motivate you to be better, you can’t really worry about if he’s yelling or screaming or whatever. You’ve just got to take the message and keep it moving. Me knowing Thibs for a long time, he knows that,” Brunson added. “I can be coached, I can be pushed. I’m not really too worried about that. I’m actually very excited because the fact that this whole thing is coming full circle is actually really special. (h/t Geoff Magliochetti and Mike Fisher of FanNation)”

The New York Knicks looked to be a team on the come up before last season's collapse. For whatever reason, the Knicks just didn't click on the level they did before, and they took a major step back in the standings.

While they whiffed on Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell (though there is still some hope in that pursuit), the Knicks did get a solid starting guard in Brunson, who could help guys like RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson find their groove on the court.

As for Thibodeau, his New York tenure has outlasted all the rumors about his supposed "firing" and, despite what some might be saying, guys seem to really enjoy playing for the guy.

Hopefully, it all comes together and makes the Knicks a force in the East. Only time will tell.