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Jalen Rose: "99% Kawhi Leonard Will Sign With The Raptors On 2-Year Contract"

Jalen Rose: 99% Kawhi Leonard Will Sign With The Raptors On 2-Year Contract

Kawhi Leonard has been very quiet about his free agency, leaving room for plenty of rumors and unconfirmed information regarding his future. Unlike every other major free agent this offseason, the Klaw has taken his time to make up his mind and make his final decision when he's ready.

Albeit some reports suggest Kawhi’s future will be in L.A. with either the Lakers or Clippers, some people still think his last team, the Toronto Raptors have a little hope to retain the player. For instance, ESPN analyst Jalen Rose believes that the forward will return to the Raptors for monetary reasons, as he explained Wednesday on Get Up:

"What I'm 99% hearing is that Kawhi Leonard will be returning to Toronto and signing a two-year contract," Rose said. "Just completed his eighth season, that's gonna put him at 10 years. That puts him in position to get the largest available maximum deal for a player of his tenure."

Rose also noted that Kawhi was actually in Toronto on Wednesday.

Josh Lewenberg of TSN Sports stated that Leonard’s current location could be considered a plus and a hint of where he will be playing next season.

"If he's in Toronto that has to be a good sign," Lewenberg tweeted. "At minimum, I would think it means they're still being seriously considered."

There are reports coming to life almost every hour and each one says something different. For now, we only have to wait and see where the Klaw is going to play next year. Marc Stein of the New York Times reported Tuesday that the Lakers "believe they are firmly in the lead" to sign Leonard, but that doesn’t mean anything in this league.

The situation varies from day to day, so Kawhi is the one with the last word, no matter what reports say.