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Jalen Rose: 'Dwight Howard Doesn’t Fit With The Lakers'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Dwight Howard is probably the most discussed topic around the NBA at this very moment, given the ongoing rumors of a potential reunion between the big man and his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Therefore, everybody wants to give their take about this matter, with some backing a potential move for Howard by the Lakers, while others don’t think that D-12 is the perfect piece for the Purple and Gold. Former NBA player turned analyst Jalen Rose has stated that Howard will not fit this Lakers, as he is ‘too accomplished’ to have a diminished role at the Staples Center.

During Tuesday’s edition of ESPN's 'Get Up!', Rose explained why he prefers Howard to remain with the Memphis Grizzlies instead of going to the Lakers. Asked if he likes the fit between LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Howard, Rose said:

“I think he is too accomplished for that role in that situation with this team,” Rose said. “We gotta remember, he once played in L.A. and the circumstances were a lot different, he played with Kobe, he played with Steve Nash, they made the playoffs, they got swept by the Spurs. That was the last time the Lakers made the playoffs. And he left to Houston and they put up billboards to try to recruit him.

“Now all of a sudden you think he’s gonna be Anthony Davis’ backup to the backup to the backup of JaVale McGee? And having JaVale McGee throwing him towels where he walks to the sideline? In his 16 year, a future Hall of Famer, I like him better in Memphis, where he can fly under the radar to get his game back. This is his fifth team in five seasons.”

Rose might have a solid point there, but the last word on this matter belongs to the Lakers and Howard himself. Perhaps he’s confident he can come back to the elite of basketball with the new-look Lakers instead of the Grizzlies. Having already played with the team back in 2012/13, D-12 knows the city and the organization, so he must be hopeful that he can do better this time.