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Jalen Rose: "Each Time LeBron Has Won A Championship He’s Been On A Super Team!"



LeBron James is one of the greatest talents basketball has ever seen, but he's also been fortunate enough to play with other world-class superstars over the course of his career. From Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, the list is pretty extensive.

That fact didn't stop Bron from claiming, a few years ago, that superteams didn't exist and that he had never played for one.

"If you think that the Lakers will not be a playoff team without LeBron James; that’s really saying what you feel about Anthony Davis . . . each time LeBron has won a championship he’s been on a super team!"

Jalen Rose doesn't want to hear about how the Lakers would not be a playoff team if LeBron wasn't on the roster. And, to Jalen's credit, Anthony Davis led his Pelicans team on multiple occasions without another superstar backing him up.

Needless to say, LeBron James is playing with yet another superstar and he has yet to prove he can go all the way without one.

And, no matter how you feel about James, his history of superteams, or his chances to win MVP this season, you can't use it to take anything away from Davis. He's more than a robin, he's a class-A superstar in his own right.

At this point, LeBron may even need him more than he needs Bron.