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Jalen Rose Explains What A Fourth NBA Title Would Mean For LeBron James’ Legacy

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

LeBron James is getting ready to restart the NBA season with the Lakers this Thursday, against the Los Angeles Clippers, their biggest rival in the Western Conference. Before the shutdown, Bron was having a terrific season with the Lakers and seeing his performances during the scrimmage games, he's picking things right where he left them.

He's chasing that fourth title with the Lakers and everybody is convinced is now or never for Bron. People are debating what a fourth title would mean for his legacy and ESPN's Countdown discussed the topic, with Jalen Rose elaborating on how LeBron's fans would take a fourth title from the King.

According to Rose, that would make people believe James is actually better than Michael Jordan.

"Let me tell you what this fourth title would mean for LeBron," Rose said. "[It'll mean] that all of the people that never saw Michael Jordan play will be validated in their mind that LeBron is the greatest player to ever do it. That's what's going to happen. If he wins in that Purple and Gold, during the bubble, as a pandemic is happening while we're forced to watch just like all the fans were forced to watch 'The Last Dance' and MJ getting six, these millennials are gonna be unbearable if LeBron gets four. They're gonna act like that's greater than six."

If he makes it to the Finals this year, LeBron would have played in 10 Finals. However, his record in these series is what most people would use against him. He's 3-6, if he wins this year, that record would improve to 4-6. Even with that record, Michael Jordan won six Finals and never lost in the big series.

That should be enough to play down those comments but that's not how things work in the league. MJ is on another level, not even Kobe with his five championships could put pressure on his shoulders. LeBron has done great taking his teams to the Finals but he's celebrated three times at that staged and has left the arena as runner up six times. A fourth title could make the case for him as the 2nd greatest player of all time but there is no way he's surpassing MJ.