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Jalen Rose Explains Why Michael Jordan Is Better Than LeBron James

Jalen Rose NBA

Former NBA Player and now NBA analyst, Jaylen Rose, has never been afraid to speak his honest opinion even if it may be a little controversial. Rose has recently given his opinion on LeBron and how he isn’t the Greatest of All Time.

The General Manager of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, stated that LeBron James is the best player to ever play in the NBA which many other experts and fans agree with.

As a co-host on ESPN’s morning show “Get Up”, Jaylen Rose had his say on the debate and was very clear that he didn’t agree with Morey’s statement whatsoever.

“LeBron James, by the way, is one of the top handful of players on anybody’s list. But we’re going to elevate him above Michael Jordan? Is that what we’re doing? So now, I have to, and I hate to be this guy, have to pick apart who’s better and why and all of that stuff. Michael “Air” Jeffrey Jordan not only did he win 6 championships, he won three in a row twice. How many does LeBron have? Three total. Okay? And he [Jordan] was the best player each time. So much so he was the finals MVP six times. He never had to leave teams. You know why? Because he was going to make his team find a way to win the championship when he was there. And just last year, we were like, ‘Oh, LeBron is dragging the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals. And he did that, right? And then what did he do this offseason? He left. Why did he leave Cleveland? Because they were not good enough to win a championship anymore? Because the Boston Celtics were coming in the East?”

“I got some advanced metrics. If Michael Jordan didn’t go play baseball, he probably could’ve won 8 championships.”

The debate is something that will never truly be solved, many believe that LeBron has eclipsed Jordan by now with his ability to carry sides and compete against some of the greatest sides in the history of the league like the current Golden State Warriors. Others such as Jaylen Rose believe that the fact that Jordan won 6 championships compared to LeBron’s 3 makes MJ the GOAT.

Jaylen Rose has plenty of credentials to judge MJ better than LeBron as he had plenty of experience going up against the superstar during his NBA career. Rose was the 13th pick of the 1994 NBA Draft and played arguably his best basketball while playing for the Indiana Pacers for 6 years from 1996 to 2002.

While Rose seems to really consider the importance of championships to decide who’s the greatest of all time, Morey seems to be basing his opinion based more on statistics, therefore claiming The King will go down as the better player.

There’s still enough time left in LeBron’s career to win one or two more championships to really change the minds of experts such as Rose.