Jalen Rose: ‘It Does Surprise Me That Nobody Picked The Lakers To Win The Title’

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Despite having had a great offseason, it looks like people are sleeping on the Los Angeles Lakers for the upcoming NBA campaign. Recently an ESPN’s panel of experts voted for which teams they believe have the most chances to win the NBA title next season, picking the Los Angeles Clippers as the favorites.

Seeing how strong the Clips look ahead of the new season, it’s not a bad thing to say that they’re the favorite to claim the Larry O’Brien, but the most surprising thing of all was the fact that they didn’t give a single vote to the Lakers to be the 2019/20 NBA champions.

That’s indeed shocking seeing the quality team the Lakers have this season. People have wondered why these analysts thought that way, including former NBA player turned analyst Jalen Rose, who didn’t get the call for the survey but had an interesting opinion about the final results.

On Friday’s edition of his ‘Jalen & Jacoby’ podcast, Rose showed his surprise when finding out that not a single person put their money on the Lakers this term. Asked if he was surprised by these results, he said:

“It does surprise me,” Rose said. “There had to be one person in the room that felt like ‘they got LeBron and AD, they got a chance.' It had to be one person in the room that felt that way.”

“I understand, though, why there might be some reservations. I’m telling people that Kyle Kuzma is gonna create a legitimate big 3 in Los Angeles this year with the Lakers; some people seem to be more skeptical. He’s gonna prove a lot of people wrong. Their issue is who’s going to play point guard? And so that means, who’s gonna guard the point guard on the other team?”

Rose then went to explain how the Lakers depth changed after DeMarcus Cousins absence injury and how things are going to change for Anthony Davis, who already said he doesn’t want to play as many minutes at the five as he played last year with the Pelicans.

“They’ll probably start JaVale McGee at the 5, so now AD becomes the backup 5, and so now you have AD, LeBron, Kyle Kuzma, who’s your other two? That’s why those people try to still figure out what’s next with the Lakers.”

Although this happened before the reports of Dwight Howard signing with the Lakers once he got bought out, it is the same problem even with D-12 as part of the team. Rose himself explained a couple of days ago that the Lakers will have problems trying to find the best starting lineup, more knowing that their best three players play in similar positions, with AD claiming that he doesn’t plan on taking minutes at the five.

Understandably, people feel this way about the Lakers, but they have a great team and can do very good things. It remains to be seen if they will have issues with their players along the way.