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Jalen Rose: ‘James Harden Is Going To Erupt For Like 98 Points In A Game This Year’

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

James Harden is having a sweet season so far, continuing playing at the highest level, becoming one of the early favorites to win the MVP award next year. He currently averages 39.5 points per game in 13 matches and some people think he’ll get even better as the season continues.

One of those is ESPN’s Jalen Rose, who made a bold claim about Harden and his performances this campaign. Following the Houston Rockets win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, in which he scored 49 points, Jalen predicted Harden will score 98 points at some point this term.

“I love having a remote control in my hand, League Pass, trying to figure out what James Harden is gonna do on a nightly basis," Rose said on 'Jalen & Jacoby'. Each game he’s going for 100 points. This dude shoots the ball 35 times every night, he’s taking 15 to 20 threes every night. There is gonna be a game where he just erupts for like 98 or something like that. This year, I’m telling you right now.”

Harden is surely having a great moment with the Rockets, but scoring 98 points in the current NBA is nearly impossible. Of course, he’s one of the most creative scorers the sport has seen, but no one actually believes he could get such an impressive game.