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Jalen Rose: ‘Joakim Noah Is A Better Replacement For DeMarcus Cousins Than Dwight Howard’

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Albeit Dwight Howard is seen as the favorite player to replace injured DeMarcus Cousins on the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster, some people don’t believe D-12 is the best option for the Purple and Gold.

One of those is Jalen Rose, who doesn’t seem Howard as the right fit for the Lakers given all his accomplishments and the role he’ll have with the team in his potential return. On Wednesday's edition of ESPN’s ‘Get Up!’, Rose went further, adding that he thinks former Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah would be a better addition to the Californians.

The Lakers are planning on bringing four big men for workouts, including Noah and Howard, but Rose has his clear favorite on this matter. He first explained why none of Noah, Howard, Marcin Gortat or Marreese Speights would make the same impact as Boogie Cousins, given the things the former Sacramento Kings center is able to bring to the table.

Then, when the comparison between Howard and Noah was brought up, he didn’t hesitate to claim that Noah will be more valuable for the Lakers than Superman.

“I don’t think it’s impossible (Howard making a big impact on the Lakers), but I saw a player in Charlotte that put up big numbers, 17 (points) and 13 (rebounds), nice numbers, but he’s also played in five teams, in five seasons. If he doesn’t play for Memphis, it’d be six teams in five seasons. The adjustment has to happen up here (on Dwight’s head), I think Dwight Howard still has some quality basketball left in him, and I believe he thinks that, too. I don’t believe he thinks that he’s a 12-minute-a-game type of player.”

When host Mike Greenberg asked who is the player the Lakers should add, he said: “Joakim Noah.

“Because I saw him produce last year. Remember, last year Dwight Howard had a mysterious 'gluteus maximus' injury that kept him from performing. I saw Joakim Noah play basketball with Memphis last year.”

That’s an interesting take, but so far nobody is thinking about Noah as a replacement for Boogie. If the Lakers have to pursue somebody, that should be Dwight Howard, a player who knows the city and the team, who even though it’s not getting any younger, can be more helpful than the other players. Out of the four guys the Lakers will test, the best option is Howard.