Jalen Rose: 'LeBron Is Unlocking The Greatness In Anthony Davis’ Game'

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Anthony Davis is playing at a high level right now, helping the Los Angeles Lakers become the best team in the NBA. For instance, AD scored 50 points on the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night, earning a lot of praise for his good level.

LeBron James has a lot to do with that, as the King is getting the best out of Davis, who keeps improving his level night after night. ESPN’s Jalen Rose has claimed now that James is taking AD to do great things this season following their impressive performances with the Purple and Gold.

During Monday’s edition of ‘Jalen & Jacoby’, Rose stated Bron is ‘unlocking the greatness in AD’s game’.

“This is about those two gentlemen right there [James and Davis]. They are two of the top five players in the game, this is why you put those two guys together and we felt like it was gonna be seamless because LeBron James is one of the best passers that the league has seen who’s also a terrific scorer and improved shooter to the point where when he gets hot, it’s really impressive to watch. He can knock down threes and then all of the sudden Anthony Davis was thrown into the mix to drop pass, for pick and rolls, you can give it to him on the block, he can spin off a lot, he does it in the half-court, he does it in transition. He’s a complete basketball player and playing with LeBron is unlocking that greatness in his game.”

Regardless of your appreciations on LeBron James, he’s been known for making every player around him better and AD is another proof of that. Of course, he has played with plenty of great players throughout his career, but doing the same at his age and with a player like Davis is something remarkable.

This is a combination that Lakers fans would be happy to have for many years to come.