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Jalen Rose: “No One Wants Carmelo Anthony.”


There was a time when Carmelo Antony was one of the more treasured stars in the NBA.

These days, most teams wouldn’t take him for the vet minimum.

After failed attempts with the Knicks, Thunder and Rockets, Melo finds himself once again looking for a squad that will take him. Thing is, with each team that parts with him, his reputation only gets worse.

I’m fact, it might be at the point where he struggles to find a team at all.

As Jalen Rose is quick to point out on ESPN’s Get Up!, there just isn’t a real place for him in the league anymore.

”Carmelo might have just played his last game in the NBA. No one wants Carmelo Anthony. Contenders don’t want him, fringe playoff teams don’t want him and lottery teams don’t want him.”

Melo had become the scapegoat for both the Thunder and Rockets. While probably not all his fault, his poor play definitely didn’t help either team.

He is 34, his shooting numbers have never been proficient, and he has struggled to accept a lesser role so far.

For these reasons, it’s hard to say that his game would mesh with any NBA roster right now. And unless Melo somehow proves that wrong, Jalen Rose’s sad statement will become fact.