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Jalen Rose Reveals More Details Behind The James Harden, Chris Paul Drama



Houston, we have a problem -- a very, very serious problem.

No West team has come as close to beating the Warriors then the Rockets, who pushed them to seven games after being up 3-2. That sort of competitive nature is exactly what drew Chris Paul and James Harden together. They became teammates in 2017 and have taken the NBA by storm ever since.

But their short rise to fame has yet to wield Championship results, and the status of their two biggest stars has their future hanging in the balance.

It was reported by Shams Charania that a “verbal exchange” between Harden and Paul took place following their game 6 loss to the Warriors, in which the co-stars announced their frustrations with each other. Sources close to the backcourt pair say that it got heated in the locker rooms before Chris Paul did his postgame press conference.

On ESPN's Jalen and Jacoby, Jalen Rose stepped up to provide further information on what could be a very damaging situation in Houston.

He basically describes that the rift between Paul and Harden stems from Paul's feelings that Harden was sabotaging his game. CP3 felt Harden was disinterested, trailing the play, and allowing the defense to double up when Chris Paul was initiating the offense.

This evidently created tension between the two players, resulting in a post-game altercation.

It seems Harden and Chris are having a bit of a power-struggle in Houston, and it could trickle down into some of their future endeavors.

With CP aging and teams slowly catching up the new 3-ball pace and space offense, the window is fastly closing for H-town. They will need all hands on deck if they want to give their Championship hopes alive for at least one more season.